About Us

  • ETTiS is an electrical contracting company specialising in electrical safety & inspections.
  • We service the commercial industries in the private and government sectors.
  • ETTiS has extensive experience in electrical safety and our range of clients includes education facilities, health, financial institutions, councils, government departments, aged care, construction sites, retail, manufacturing and workshops.
  • Our trained, licensed electricians and technicians have sound technical knowledge with ability to identify electrical risks and then repair the faulty electrical equipment onsite to comply with your safety obligations.
  • We are WA owned with over 16 years of experience and reputation in the electrical industry.
  • We pride ourselves on having highly trained licensed technicians and electricians.
  • ETTiS is a division of Datatel Electrical & Communications Contractors (EC6606) which has been in the electrical industry in WA for over 16 years.