Fire Equipment Testing & Maintenance


Why Carry out Fire Equipment Testing & Maintenance

Fire safety equipment must be tested and maintained in accordance with Australian Standard AS 1851:2012. Fire Safety equipment is generally used as a first attack measure, to ensure the fire does not spread in the early stages and cause significant damage. It is extremely important your equipment is serviced. It’s important that fire systems are maintained to ensure reliability, functionality and performance. Don’t wait for an emergency to determine whether your fire equipment and systems are functioning correctly, and are compliant with the relevant Australian standards. ETTiS will ensure that your fire equipment and systems are regularly tested, serviced and maintained in accordance with Australian Standards. Ensuring your fire equipment & systems are tested regularly will also be a condition of your insurance policy so ensure you are always compliant to make sure you are covered in the event that you need to make a claim.

See attached FPA Fact Sheet for Fire Safety Extinguishers.

What are the Testing intervals?

The frequency of fire safety equipment testing and servicing will vary on the type of equipment you have, and in what type of premises you have them.

Fire safety equipment that may need servicing

  • Fire Extinguishers – 6 Monthly
  • Smoke Alarms – 6 Monthly
  • Fire Reels – these should be tested bi-annually by a professional for defects and wear
  • Fire Suppression Blankets – these should also be checked every six months to ensure they are still effective.

All fire protection, fire fighting, fire regulators and fire safety equipment and gear should be checked regularly and by a professional.

What legislation applies?

The General Fire Regulations 2010 require that ALL fire equipment is tested regularly in accordance with Australian Standards 1851-2012: Maintenance of fire protection systems & equipment.

What Compliance Reporting is required?

Our highly trained licensed technicians and electricians provide up to date reporting by way of our customised log books, this ensures our clients are informed of any defects that may require repair.

Your Next Steps

So that we can best assist you and your business with your compliance needs, please contact us on 1300 038 847 or 0417 188 505 and ask to speak to Tracy. Tracy Cox has extensive experience in the industry, and is a great resource for determining your electrical safety requirements, to ensure that your business is compliant in your industry. We can provide you with a copy of the relevant testing standard for your industry and equipment.